Have you ever tried on a garment and thought ‘This is SO ME!’?

And have you noticed that when that feeling is very strong,

invariably it turns out to be a piece that you love and wear a lot?

This is because there are certain features in a garment that will give you that feeling every time.  If you understand exactly what these features are for you,

you can make a conscious decision about whether to invest in a garment or not.

This takes the mystery and overwhelm out of shopping so that every purchase is a winner. 

There are 5 Features that must be considered:

Colour              - What is the clarity of the colour? See more here

Design lines     - What shapes and lines do I see?

Pattern             - What shapes and colour contrast do I see?

Texture             - How does it feel?

Drape                - How does it fall?   

How can these features have such an impact?

Our true nature is related to the colour palette and styles that we suit. 

When we dress in the colours and styles that relate to our true nature,

we feel ‘at home’ in that garment.   

What do I mean by our 'true nature'?

Human beings are made up of DNA.  This is comprised of 4 elements:


Nitrogen             Air

      Oxygen               Water

  Hydrogen            Fire

      Carbon                Earth 


Each element has a distinct vibration that expresses itself in nature. 

‘Nature’ can be seen outdoors AND it is also a part of who we are. 

At the moment of our birth, we arrive with a particular combination of these 4 elements

and so we move through life with a particular vibration. 

The movement of one dominant element is deeply embedded in our own human nature. 

We often say ‘It’s just in her nature’ or ‘She’s in her element’. 

Our dominant element is responsible for the core expression of our physical features,

our body language, many of our natural behavioural tendencies and our temperament. 


And so we have the 4 temperament/personality types that you may have heard of.

There are several models of the 4 personality types but they are essentially the same

– starting way back 2500 years ago with Hippocrates.


Knowing our dominant element helps us to understand that we were created

to express our SELF, in a very particular way, in every aspect of our life. 

This knowledge gives us permission to enjoy who we naturally are.

How does this relate to style and what looks and feels great on us?

An individual’s natural colouring and physical features also have

the same movement/vibration as that of their dominant element.  

So when we wear the ‘movement’ on the outside, that directly and perfectly correlates to our ‘movement’ on the inside and that is also naturally expressed in our physical features,

the beauty expressed is effortless and even extraordinary. 

Our authentic personal style is found in the colours, design lines, patterns, textures and drapes 

that have the same ‘movement’ as the dominant element in our nature. 

This is when you can say about a garment or accessory, “this is SO ME”. 

You feel it in your body. 

Why is this important?

When you dress to be yourself, you are being authentic. 

This is when you will feel your most comfortable and most confident out in the world. 

Others will ‘get’ you and trust you because what you look like is aligned with who you are. 

You are able to connect with others, more quickly, at a deeper level. 

This is very empowering.

How do you want to be perceived, seen and heard?

If you want to honour who you truly are and move more confidently in the world,

the depth of information I can share with you will change your life.


Please contact me if you would like an Authentic Style session

to discover your most natural style and connect more deeply with your Self.